Data Science

What is the role of Generative AI in Drug Discovery?

Title: Unlocking the Secret Potential: Generative AI’s role in Drug Discovery   In the broad field of medical research, researchers are always looking for innovative ways to treat illnesses and enhance people’s health. One tool in particular, generative AI, has emerged among a few cutting-edge technologies as a game-changer in drug discovery. But how precisely …

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Transformer Model

What does the term “Transformer model” refer to? It is a model with exceptional proficiency in comprehending and producing language that resembles human-like communication. It possesses the ability to analyze, grasp, and even create textual content.   What is the distinction between a Transformer model and traditional models such as RNNs or LSTMs? A transformer …

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What is overfitting in data science?  Overfitting is like memorizing a book instead of understanding the concepts. In data science, it happens when a model learns the training data too well, including its noise and details that don’t really matter.   Why is overfitting bad for a model?  Overfit models may work perfectly on training …

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